Kudos for Cricket - First on Prince of Gumbootown's Hitlist :D

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Kudos for Cricket - First on Prince of Gumbootown's Hitlist :D

Post by frenzyslave on Mon Sep 26, 2016 10:37 am

Great Kudos for Cricket - the Princeling of Gumbootown (Wells) lists Cricket as the First on his grudgelist. Very Happy
cheers Woohoo!

He apparently had some venomous words for Cricket after we all took down his prized "chump" - his meatsuit of a few decades.

"Cricket taking a Number Two on the Prince of Wells" is thoughts for the Unproven's name until he proves himself worthy perhaps... Question

Is Cricket interested in the cellphone number of the Princeling of Gumbootown? You may want to send him a "friendly" text... Apparently he is in our backyard of Auckland...

STs: Do we have the Prince's address? To say toilet-paper his haven (amongst other needs/wants)?

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